Special Educational Needs

We all learn in different ways – some like to learn by doing, others by watching or listening to an explanation of a topic. Some children need more help in school to find the best way they can learn. This can be for a variety of reasons. Children have differing abilities in different areas of their learning. Some children may experience short-term difficulties, which are usually overcome with additional input. Others will experience much longer-term difficulties; they require an individual programme of support in order to progress as rapidly as they are able to.

The school is committed to meeting the needs of each child. Most children’s needs are met through the different levels of work within the curriculum.

After consultation with their parents, if appropriate the school will set up individual educational programmes to support the children’s needs.

We follow the national Code Of Practice as a basis for our Inclusion Policy. This is done in collaboration with the support of the Children and Young Peoples Service.

Sometimes children have problems with speech and language or behaviour and need help and support. In all these cases parents will be contacted so that we can work together for the benefit of the child.

The school identifies more able children in all areas of the curriculum, which is planned with a suitably differentiated curriculum for the gifted and talented pupils, who may display high standards of achievement in a particular area, in most areas of the curriculum or in general skills performance.

Our County Council have a Local Offer which ensures that children with Special Education Needs have access to the services they require. Please use the link below to look into this further: